Fadista em Goa, Fadista do Mundo.

- Pύblico, Portugal.

Já a fadista Goesa Sónia Shirsat, desperta a curiosidade do Pύblico com a sua nova interpretaçao desta musica tradicional Portuguesa.

- Hoje Macau

Rated as the best Fadista in India of all time, the talented singer has toured across the globe. Her versatile voice immediately transported the audience to Lisbon. Closing her eyes, Sonia rendered the Fado in heartfelt emotion through her quaint, mellifluous voice.

- The Hindu

Museu do Oriente is honoured to welcome Sónia Shirsat, the greatest fado singer of India, and her World of Fado show.

- Fundaçao Oriente, Lisbon.

She's left her mark and exceptional voice echoing in Macau. With her voice and her natural style, Sonia has shown Macau that Goa possesses world class singers and musicians.

- Oscar Noruega

When she sings, she’ll leave you with goose bumps on your skin. From Lisbon to Goa she is being compared to the greatest Portuguese singing icon of all time Amalia Rodrigues. But for a Goan girl to rake up such hysteria with her accentless Portuguese in the home land of Fado is no mean achievement at all.

- Sigmund De Souza,
O Heraldo.

Her Mahogany rich voice can undoubtedly reduce even a grown man to tears.

- Gomantak times